The Real Truth of ‘Wokeness’ – Part 6

Hello WNR Friends,

To get a clear view of what it means to be “WOKE” you first have to understand the actual source of wokeness and why it’s appealing to so many people. This series will attempt to explain woke, where it started (in the sense of its understanding now), where it’s headed, and what you can do, as a rational human being, to fight against the woke extremism taking over.

At the end of Part 5 of this series we wrote: You think it’s scary when you’re watching a sporting event and a perfectly healthy 20-something player suddenly drops dead? Wait until you see perfectly healthy 20-something soldiers in battle suddenly dropping dead. And not from enemy fire but because they’re running, ducking, covering, and their heart is racing and beating out of their chest.

Here comes the vaccine!

There simply hasn’t been enough wars lately to be honest. Not enough to depopulate the Earth in the way the woke want the earth depopulated.

And wars, whether Republican or Democrat, are mostly never fought with any other intent other than to depopulate the earth.

That’s why the world is headed into yet another world war. There’s simply too many people for these people.

As you recall, there are several common threads between rebellion, enlightened, progressive, liberal, and WOKE, with depopulation being one of the biggest (more on other attributes soon).

If Fauci messed COVID up, and allegedly “accidently” released a milder strain that didn’t nearly have the killing effect he and others in the CDC and WHO hoped – and Gates’ vaccine “cleanup” operation is working, but not nearly well enough as either hoped, then war is deemed necessary.

That goes double for the war on warriors. Why else would the military mandate a killer vaccine where companies releasing it can’t be sued or held liable in any way?

Oh wait, the military is now woke too (more on that later).

Combined with the World War every woke politician is working so hard to get us into (which may also go nuclear), you see all these years later the woke are still working on lowering the population.

Uh-oh. Abortion, the woke’s favorite depopulation platform was dismantled by the Supreme Court and sent back to the state. Bring in the COVID variants! Bring in the boosters!

Birth rates across the world in vaccinated countries are almost certain to hit a wall. As mentioned, we’re already learning that the vaccine is messing up female menstrual cycles. Wait until they find out what it can do to a baby in the womb.

-End Part 6. (Part 7 coming soon)

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