WOKE Health

WOKE Ideology Being Forced On Doctors

Link: Woke ‘implicit bias’ training has been forced on medical professionals in several states in recent years, including California, Maryland, Michigan and Washington. The woke are coming for every aspect of life and it’s actually scary – because when the “more qualified” are traded in for the least qualified, based solely on skin color, use […]


North Korea Defector Fights Woke Ideology

Imagine living in a country so BAD that you can’t find food to eat, so you eat bugs, running away to escape, only to find you mom prostituted, and your yourself, just barely a teenager sold into slavery and prostitution, raped multiple times (who knows how many), only to finally make it to America, only […]

WOKE Climate

Ecogrief Counseling? WT …?

Link: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is offering training to employees in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona on “ecogrief.” After all the dumb things we’ve heard over the years, this one might ‘take the cake’ … but then, if someone took their cake, they’d need more counseling. Woke people are crazy – and […]

WOKE Education

WOKE Teacher Strikes Against Parents Wishes, Again

Link: Florida teacher has come under fire after forcing white schoolkids to act as slaves to their black classmates Teachers these days aren’t like teachers of the past. In the past we learned math, science, English – standard boiler plate stuff you needed to get along, and ahead, in life. Not now! BE CAREFUL WHO […]