The Real Truth of ‘Wokeness’ – Part 7

Hello WNR Friends,

To get a clear view of what it means to be “WOKE” you first have to understand the actual source of wokeness and why it’s appealing to so many people. This series will attempt to explain woke, where it started (in the sense of its understanding now), where it’s headed, and what you can do, as a rational human being, to fight against the woke extremism taking over.

In Part 6 of this series we stated: Birth rates across the world in vaccinated countries are almost certain to hit a wall. As mentioned, we’re already learning that the vaccine is messing up female menstrual cycles. Wait until they find out what it can do to a baby in the womb.

And that seems like part of the plan – especially now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned and punted back to the states.

Woke states will continue down their path of depopulation by passing laws ensuring “a woman’s right to choose” (Minnesota already has). Some of these woke states may even go so far as former Gov. Northam (mentioned in Part 1) wanted to go – which is infanticide – ie. killing a baby born alive, moments after it’s birth (yes, these sick people want this).

But no matter, young women of birthing age that have taken the vaccine and boosters, may not even have the opportunity to make their own “reproductive health decisions”, as it’s more and more likely, that decision was made for them – either by government mandate, work mandate, or the psychological mandate – that of the bully pressure from others to “just get the damn shot!” as Biden said.

Whether it’s what the vaccine does to the expectant baby (which we don’t yet know), or what it’s already done to the fertile mother (from brain to heart), birth rates are likely to decline.

Abortion did a great job, and they were so proud of it – and themselves. And don’t get it wrong, abortion will continue, these people play the ‘long game’ – so it’s not over, it’s just punted.

Being great defensive players that they are, they’ve ensured something that could be even more devastating to birth rates with this shot and it’s endless boosters.

All part of the plan.

But there’s also another plan that’s been hatched, that if it continues, threatens to take birth rates down even further – all to the relief of the woke depopulation crowd.

LGBTQ+ etc.

-End Part 7. (Part 8 coming soon)

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