The Real Truth of ‘Wokeness’ – Part 5

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To get a clear view of what it means to be “WOKE” you first have to understand the actual source of wokeness and why it’s appealing to so many people. This series will attempt to explain woke, where it started (in the sense of its understanding now), where it’s headed, and what you can do, as a rational human being, to fight against the woke extremism taking over.

In part 4 of this introductory series we talked about COVID and vaccines – to a degree – tracing it back to the progressive era of the 1970’s and Ehrlich’s decree that there were just too many people on the planet.

Lock-down’s, masking, vaccines and boosters, all came with very little rebellion.

Remember, those born in the 1930’s were too young to fight the war in the 40’s. In the 50’s, now fighting age, they rebelled against society (you can’t tell me what to do!). Those born in the 40’s were fighting age in the 60’s, when yet another war raged. These people became enlightened. By the 70’s they were progressive.

What would have happened if the enlightened of the 60’s went to war? Well, you’d certainly think that the subsequent progressive idea that the world needs less people would have seemed less important – as a great number of the enlightened people possibly could have died in battle, along with the hundreds of thousands that did.

But killing people in war isn’t, and wasn’t, enough. And people like Gates and Fauci knew it. There had to be a better way, and both began telegraphing the steps needed in order to ensure success more than a decade ago.

One more of those steps? As seen over the past several months, the vaccines kill. Strokes, heart attacks, healthy people literally dropping dead.

COVID, for all it’s intensity, was a ‘slow killer’. The vaccines? You don’t die slowly and then all at once; you drop dead.

This brings us to the first images we saw on COVID coming out of China. Videos were posted all over social media of Chinese people walking out a door or down the street and dropping dead.

Could it be they had their vaccine shot already? Human guinea pigs. The first month of the virus’ escape, it sure seemed like if you get it, you drop like a fly. Now we know that’s what the vaccine does to healthy people.

Which brings us to the military again. If wars don’t kill enough people, why not go to war on the warriors? The vaccine is perfect for this.

You think it’s scary when you’re watching a sporting event and a perfectly healthy 20-something player suddenly drops dead? Wait until you see perfectly healthy 20-something soldiers in battle suddenly dropping dead. And not from enemy fire but because they’re running, ducking, covering, and their heart is racing and beating out of their chest. Here comes the vaccine!

-End Part 5. (Part 6 coming soon)

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