WOKE Education

Vanderbilt University Becomes ‘Super’ Woke

Link: Applying Critical Race Theory to the medical field in pursuit of “health equity. Last year they got in hot water for chopping up children as young as 12 in order to ‘transition’ them. This place isn’t about education, it’s a pure evil cesspool of wokeness, and an embarrassment to the world of real education.

WOKE Education

Universities Peddle Their Woke Agenda

Link: Half of our universities peddle their woke agenda to students Some of the nation’s most prestigious institutions are ‘poisoning the minds of generations to come’, critics said last night, by subjecting undergraduates and academics to ‘trigger warnings’ and guidance on ‘white privilege’.

WOKE Business

Disney Got Woke, Is Going Broke

Link: New movies are bombing at the box office and the woke ideology has left its board in disarray… ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ is now stripping middle-class families of as much as $8,000 to visit Disney World in Florida. Classic movies such as Dumbo and Peter Pan which helped forge the studio’s identity are now tarnished by woke warnings […]