The Real Truth of ‘Wokeness’ – Part 2

Hello WNR Friends,

To get a clear view of what it means to be “WOKE” you first have to understand the actual source of wokeness and why it’s appealing to so many people. This series will attempt to explain woke, where it started (in the sense of its understanding now), where it’s headed, and what you can do, as a rational human being, to fight against the woke extremism taking over.

While the enlightened grew out of the 1950’s rebellion, and the progressives grew out of the 1960’s enlightened, it was the 1970’s that brought the liberals – grown from the progressive movement, these politicians would have no end to their depravity.

The transformation from enlightened to progressive seemed a natural transition in some ways. The transformation from progressive to liberal was downright striking.

The same rebellious people who once fought the system, took over the system, and never looked back.

In fact, they looked forward. And started reshaping the world in the image they wanted it to be. It wouldn’t come without resistance, but each time they met new resistance, a new type of ‘crisis’ would be introduced. And if it wasn’t a crisis, it was a new way to divide people – which would of course, create a crisis.

The same way they destroyed the nuclear family, would be the same way they destroyed the rest of society, and maintain a tighter grip on power.

They sowed division in every way possible and separated people based on race, religion, and gender.

No longer were you a part of a large population, you were relegated to a tiny subset of a subset. Which led to an even smaller subset. Which led to many people simply feeling ‘they were alone’.

Before this, when you may have identified with a large group, now it was a personal choice to forgo societal norms and choose to be whatever you wanted to be.

(It’s not a coincidence that it was at this same time new drugs were introduced at a phenomenal rate – but we’ll get to that)

Ehrlich ultimately got it wrong, and in fact, continues to get it wrong. We didn’t starve to death because we had too many people to feed. In fact, a guy came around and invented a new type of wheat which ‘saved’ millions of people around the world. His name was Norman Borlaug, and he won the Nobel Peace Prize as a result.

This was at the time progressives were turning into liberals, ie. ‘the ruling class politicians’. Big government, all controlling, in charge of you. Your owner.

Years later Barack Obama would win the Nobel Peace Prize for … well, no one is sure really. He became president and within no time and no achievements in office, won the award.

Like every institution under the liberals, the Nobel Peace Prize went to pot.

:End Part 2. (Part 3 coming soon)

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