Is Woke Drag Really Drag? Or Just A Drag? Part 3

Editors note: This Woke News Report series focuses on LGBTQ+ and in particular the grooming of children through drag shows, sexualized books, and how some are attempting to pass “other” laws to make some things “normal”.

We’ve established that what was drag back in the day has now turned into Woke Drag.

Woke drag exists to lower the population (like all things woke, because that’s what ‘woke’ is) and it will do a great job in the coming years doing just that.

Bear in mind this is ostensibly a 1st world problem. People with no electricity, no drinking water, and having to find food to eat everyday aren’t too concerned about this new world order construct. They are just trying to survive, one day at a time.

In the same way I’m certain that people who have a lot of tattoos have way more money than I may ever have, I’m never short of amazed at how woke drags have the finances to fund their every whim.

From butt fillers to lip enhancements and every manner of plastic surgery – it’s an astonishingly large business.

And it’s growing.

At the time of this writing people are upset that the drag queen Dylan Someone is now the “spokeswoman” for Bud Light and Nike. Jack Daniels recently got on the act as well with others (Waylon is rolling over in his grave).

“Look what they accomplished!”

What they fail to realize is this marketing isn’t targeted to adults, it’s targeted at children. How? Glad you asked.

If you’re a child and susceptable to messaging, and the messaging you’re receiving is all drag and changing your gender 24/7, then you’re susceptable to putting 2+2 together later on, and when grown up, think, “these brands supported me when I was younger”.

Long term plays aren’t always evident in a short term news cycle.

Are you surprised that real women have been subjugated once again to the lowest class of human on earth?

I’m not.

Many women faught hard for ‘equal rights’ – whether voting, the workplace, or simply at home. It was a valiant attempt to ‘show how meaningful’ women are to society. And yet for all their hard work, men are now taking their place.

But the confusion for many is in the belief that woke drag is targeting women. It’s not, and the United Nations just proved that.

-End Part 3. (Part 4 coming soon.) –

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