Is Woke Drag Really Drag? Or Just A Drag? Part 2

Editors note: This Woke News Report series focuses on LGBTQ+ and in particular the grooming of children through drag shows, sexualized books, and how some are attempting to pass “other” laws to make some things “normal”.

Woke drag demands you choose your gender.

As discussed in Part 1 of this series, there was a time when men dressing as women and women dressing as men was allowing them to enter into a realm of fantasy and make believe. “Make up”, or ‘make believe’, as any 6 year old would understand.

No more.

Today you have to choose ‘sides’.

What gender are you? And if you’re neither one or the other (and there are only 2), then that’s okay too, but you better “fix your face” (if you don’t understand that reference, please see Part 1).

There is no more pretending. There is no more play. And there is no more comedy in the sense we grew up with drag in cartoons, TV shows and movies – that is, to the woke. Today you can easily “misappropriate” someone’s gender by simply dressing in drag. Think about that. A straight male dressing in drag, can be accused of misappropriating someone’s (ANOTHER male) ‘gender’.

The worst offenders of misappropriating gender it turns out, are those who know what gender they were born with – and of course I’m talking about women.

REAL women.

Real women are no longer in control of their sports (and other things), so it goes to figure real women who dress in traditionally “women’s clothes” misappropriate woke drag also.

And who better for the woke to eliminate than the givers of birth?

As I’ve stated throughout, the real goal, the ultimate goal, of woke, is depopulation. Erase women and guess what?

And even though serious people have testified on capitol hill that men can menstruate, it remains that real biological men cannot.

The more men ‘choosing’ to be women, the more men choosing to replace the traditional woman, the more woke drag men attempting to groom children into ‘choosing’ their gender at an early age … the less women. (read that again)

If woke drag can convince little boys they are girls, and little girls they are boys, and the state and medical staff (WHO – CDC – Military ‘doctors’ etc) will fascilitate “sex changes” at an early age under the guise of “gender affirming care” – we’re going to lower the population for sure. 20, 30 years from now – child birthing age, watch out.

Already we see both states and certain countries sanction “woke drag camp”. Already we see certain countries place children in front of grown naked trans people in order to ‘educate’ them — on TV. Already we see a dearth of sexualized picture books written for very small children in libraries and schools, meant only for the purpose of sowing confusion in the mind of someone who hasn’t yet gained one once of how to use that mind with reason and logic.

But we’re getting to that …

-End Part 2. (Part 3 coming soon.) –

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