Is Woke Drag Really Drag? Or Just A Drag? Part 4

Editors note: This Woke News Report series focuses on LGBTQ+ and in particular the grooming of children through drag shows, sexualized books, and how some are attempting to pass “other” laws to make some things “normal”.

Many think woke drag is targeting women. It’s not. It’s targeting children.

As mentioned, there are already drag kid’s camps where, you would surmise, children learn how to change their gender and appreciate dressing in drag.

But the United Nations just took it a step further.

Before we talk about that let’s point out why there is at least some slight outrage at woke drag currently.

The woke drag shows, the woke drag reading hour at the local library, the woke drag ‘entertainment’ on TikTok – all targets children in a sexualized way.

There are literally videos of woke drag shows with grown men rubbing their junk in front of a room full of children.

Already there are public libraries who protest Christian book readings by placing hyper sexualized woke drag books meant for children, front and center in the library during these events.

Already there are woke drag LGBTQ+ teachers in schools throughout the country who have highly graphic woke drag picture books depicting sexualized things in their classroom.

And now, the UN comes out and says ‘sexual consent isn’t an age’ – meaning, it has no age. They literally say there is no age of consent and children can make up their own mind about consent.

Of course they are going to say that. These are the same people hell bent on chopping up children’s anatomy to turn them into something they aren’t and will never be. Their non-biological self.

If a 6 or 7 year old is old enough to determine they’re ready to change gender, why is it wrong for them to also consent to adult sex? That’s the UN’s position on this matter.

Again, woke drag is coming after the children. Not the women.

That’s a real drag.

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