Is Woke Drag Really Drag? Or Just A Drag? Part 1

Editors note: This Woke News Report series focuses on LGBTQ+ and in particular the grooming of children through drag shows, sexualized books, and how some are attempting to pass “other” laws to make some things “normal”.

I’m 52, and for whatever reason I was just thinking about my childhood. It may have been a video my brother sent me a few days ago about “growing up in the 70’s”. Whatever the reason, it made me recall all the times I laughed at Bugs Bunny in drag, fooling whomever he needed to fool to save his own skin and get the last laugh on them.

Cartoons back in the day always had characters dressing in drag to escape some precarious situation.

TV shows were a source of drag too.

“Klinger” a character in the TV show MASH, spent 20 years in the Army – in Vietnam – dressing in drag.

Archie Bunker once saved the life of a drag queen.

Tom Hanks became famous by wearing drag in his show Bosom Buddies.

You get the idea.

Later in time, drag was a part of popular movies like To Wong Foo, Mrs. Doubfire, Madea, The Birdcage, Tootsie, Miss Congeniality, and White Chicks.

But then something changed.

The saying goes “the woke ruin everything”, but how did they ruin drag?

They started going after children. By going after I mean targeting. I’ll explain.

One could argue that Bugs Bunny went after children, but that argument loses all it’s credence when you realize Bugs never gyrated his junk, never rubbed his junk like he’s masturbating, and never sexualized his mission (his mission being staying alive or getting the one up on an opponent). His type of drag was playing dress up.

No, “woke drag” is targeting children with sexualization.

There are no shortages of modern day drag shows, on video, doing the most lurid things in front of young kids.

From them gyrating, to them touching themselves ‘down there’, to literally having dollar bills stuffed ‘down there’ – by kids, all adorned with sick and twisted fawning parents who are as grotesque as reading Bidens daughter’s private diary.

A modern day woke drag show isn’t a drag show, it’s perversion on display for kids to see. It’s a strip club sanctioned by your local government and called “educational”.

I’ve often said, “ when you’re a 6 year old little girl and you put on make up, you’re playing make up – ‘making up a story to play’, but when you’re older, people tell you you need to wear make up in order to ‘make up’ the deficiency in your face.”

One version is innocent, one sinister. Playing make up at 6 is a lot different than being told you’re ugly and without ‘make up’ you’re even uglier. “Better fix your face.”

That’s the difference in drag as we all knew it growing up, and woke drag as it is today.

Drag was just playing make up. Woke drag is grooming children through sexualization.

There’s another element to woke drag which I’ll expand on in Part 2 of this series.

-End Part 1. (Part 2 coming soon.) –

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