The Real Truth of ‘Wokeness’ – Part 3

Hello WNR Friends,

To get a clear view of what it means to be “WOKE” you first have to understand the actual source of wokeness and why it’s appealing to so many people. This series will attempt to explain woke, where it started (in the sense of its understanding now), where it’s headed, and what you can do, as a rational human being, to fight against the woke extremism taking over.

WW1 gave way to the roaring 20’s. The roaring 20’s gave way to the Great Depression of the 30’s. It wasn’t until the 40’s, and WW2, that things truly began to change.

Babies born in the Great Depression weren’t old enough to go to war in the 40’s, but by the late 40’s and entering into the 50’s, they had seen, and learned enough to know, the men and women fighting ‘the Great War’, were approximately their own age.

What’s a person of that age supposed to do? … 16, 17, 18 … well, in the 1950’s they chose to say, “men and women my age were fighting in a war only a few years ago, you can’t tell me what to do!”. And so they did.

Rebellion was born.

It was a fight against authority and those that told them what they could, and should, do. How ironic that one decade later, enlightenment would take hold and those born in the 1940’s would soon be burning their draft card because the leaders they loved so much would get us entangled in yet another war.

The rebellious would be enlightened, and turn to progressive, and then to liberal – and it was the very same liberals who sought to control the world. And have pretty much ever since (we’re in a war now with Russia, though that part stays mostly silent).

The same rebellious people of the 50’s, who fought their parents and authority, who fought the draft in the 60’s, who fought the establishment in the 70’s, became the establishment – and turned out to be 1,000 times worse than even the worst person of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s.

Today, because of these same people, we live in a real time Animal Farm (but more on that later).

How did the old rebellion become Woke? And what is Woke? We’re getting there, but first it’s important to know exactly how it happened. Here’s a quick synopsis:

A series of conflicts. A series of battles. A series of wars. With the biggest being a war of attrition. When good people laid down and said, “I give”. There’s no fighting it. It’s coming whether I do anything about it or not.

-End Part 3. (Part 4 coming soon)

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