Woke Gavin Newsom Strikes Again – This Time At Elementary School

Link: ‘sex workers’ soliciting customers outside California ELEMENTARY SCHOOL The article says, “just 30 days after California passed a new bill decriminalizing loitering for prostitution under its Governor Gavin Newsom.” The reason for the bill? So that trans “wouldn’t be unfairly targeted”. So now soliciting sex outside an elementary school is totally cool.

WOKE Politics

US Military Got Woke, May Go Broke

Link: House GOP targets military ‘wokeness’ It’s about time, long past time, someone somewhere looked into our military and when ‘ready-ness’ went from going to war and fighting on the battlefield, to everyone getting ribbons because they fit a certain sub-sub-sub demographic … or simply turned into environmentalists (aren’t they the one’s supposed to blow […]

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Women’s Sports Under Woke Attack

Link: Defend women’s sport from wokeness’ It’s bad enough that grown men want to use the restroom with little girls, but it gets worse … well, I take that back, it doesn’t get worse than that … but now that grown men are taking away all the things that make women special, is kind-of crazy.