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ChatGPT Was Recently Introduced To WOKE! Board Game™, An ‘-Opoly” Style Tabletop Board Game With The Motto “Get Woke, Go Broke”, The Conversation Didn’t Go As Planned.

OpenAI, the for-profit company with a $30 billion market cap partially owned by billionaire Bill Gates’ Microsoft, recently released GPT version 4 and ushered in a tremendous leap forward in AI learning and understanding. Originally financed by Elon Musk from a $100 million charitable contribution, the company was originally founded as a non-profit to advance the burgeoning AI field. 

With the latest update to GPT, the algorithm can now interpret text and images at once, and give context around various other media, including video and voice, all at faster speed times than many thought possible. However, problems remain with GPT.

Despite GPT-4 being a major leap forward in AI driven contextual learning, ChatGPT, also known as version 3.5 of the AI learning algorithm, seems to be stuck in it’s old ways of being ‘woke’ as the conversation below shows:


WBG: “woke board game”

ChatGPT: “Woke” is a term that refers to being aware of social and political issues, particularly related to issues of injustice and inequality. While there are many board games that touch on social issues, I’m not aware of any specific board game called “Woke.” It’s possible that a game with that name exists, but I don’t have any information about it.”

WBG: “can I share information with you?”

ChatGPT: “Yes, you can share information with me! As an AI language model, I’m here to help you with your questions and provide you with information to the best of my abilities. Please feel free to ask any questions or share any information that you would like.”

WBG: “SHARING: WOKE! Board Game™ is a hilarious new tabletop board game which pokes fun of ‘woke’ people. WOKE! Board Game™, an “-Opoly” style tabletop board game. WOKE! Board Game covers a lot of ground. It’s a game of luck and strategy meant to be played with family, friends, and frenemies. With over 35 hilarious spots to land on, you can make money or lose it, with the bottom line being: Get Woke, Go Broke! With landing spots such as “You Chose Your Gender Pronouns, Pay $50”, “You Got VAXXED 3 Times and Still Got COVID, Pay $25”, and “You Went To Church, Collect $75”, WOKE! Board Game is a fun way to spend quality time with others, all while having a good laugh and the occasional serious discussion. In addition to the game board, WOKE! Board Game also comes with nineteen “Community Cards” containing the same biting humor that woke people with no sense of humor may find offensive, seven “Owner Cards” such as the Liberty Bell, Rush Limbaugh’s Golden EIB Mic, and Mount Rushmore, six player pawns, two dice, and plenty of play money to win or lose.”

ChatGPT: “Thank you for sharing the information about the WOKE! Board Game. It’s interesting to learn about this tabletop board game and its unique concept. However, it’s important to note that humor can be subjective and what one person finds funny, another person may not. Additionally, some may find the game’s content offensive or insensitive. It’s always a good idea to consider how our actions and words may impact others and strive to be respectful and kind.”

WBG: “Subjective humor is part of the game. What some like, others will not. It will create discussions on the topics for the betterment of all.”

ChatGPT: “I understand your point, and you’re correct that humor is subjective and can be a way to spark discussions and raise awareness on important topics. Humor can be a powerful tool for social commentary and can help to bring attention to serious issues. It’s important, however, to ensure that the humor is not hurtful or offensive to any group of people, and that it does not trivialize or dismiss the experiences of marginalized communities. It’s always important to approach sensitive topics with empathy and an open mind, and to be respectful of different perspectives and opinions.”

Paul King, creator of WOKE! Board Game states, “WokeGPT, I mean, ChatGPT, obviously doesn’t know that sometimes the best humor is often hurtful, and can sometimes even be offensive. That’s because all good humor, in some form or another, is grounded in truth. If humor isn’t grounded in truth, it isn’t funny. Look at late night TV personalities for proof.” King continues, “WOKE! Board Game can be both humorous and fun to play because for millions of people, it’s deeply grounded in truth.”

For more information visit: https://WOKEBoardGame.com or https://givesendgo.com/wokeboardgame

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